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Expression Recovery Medium

Expression Recovery Medium is provided as one box containing eight 12 mL vials of recovery medium. Expression Recovery Medium is shipped frozen and should be stored at -20 °C until just before use.

For research use only. Not for human or diagnostic use.

Expression Recovery Medium

Optimised formulation for ensuring stability and high-efficiency transformation of protein expression clones.
  • Recommended for transformation of T7 expression clones
  • Formulated without lactose to prevent unwanted leaky expression from T7 or other lactose/IPTG-inducible promoters.
  • Enables the highest possible transformation efficiency.
  • Use in the outgrowth stage of competent cell transformation to achieve 10-folder higher transformation efficiency than you would get with LB or SOC media.

Size: 8 x 12 mL

Item ID 80030-1
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Expression Recovery Medium is tested to ensure high-efficiency competent cell transformation and to ensure a lack of contamination.

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