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Oligonucleotide Synthesizer Parts

LGC, Biosearch Technologies offers a wide variety of parts for your DNA and RNA synthesizers and other oligo processing equipment. Our parts for our MerMade™ family of DNA/RNA synthesizers and oligo processors are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of any pharmaceutical laboratory.

Get the spare parts and tools you need to maintain your instruments and keep your workflow moving. Need help with your synthesizer? Collaborate with our team to get answers to your specific challenges and to achieve more than you thought possible.

Column holders
Secure your columns with our column holders— available for a variety of formats, volumes and instruments.
Metal fittings
Explore our Swagelok®, stainless steel and other metal fittings available in several sizes and for various pressure requirements.
Plastic fittings
Find the fittings you need for various tube and bottle sizes.
Get a spare valve for any part of your oligo synthesizer—from flow control to safety releases to waste removal.
From complete assemblies to individual lines, get the size and material of tubing you need.
Relays and sensors
Monitor your synthesis runs with our sensors and input and out relays.
Bottle caps
Properly set up your synthesis run with cap assemblies for a variety of bottles.
Seals and o-rings
Prevent leaks and evaporation from your bottles, chambers, valves, and other instrument parts.
Control the gas (e.g., argon) supply to ensure your desired flow rate is maintained.
Monitor the vacuum and pressure of your instrument.
Find KNF, diaphragm and vacuum pumps— available as single head and dual head.
Confidently operate and set up your oligo synthesizer  while saving bench space.
Waste and reagent containers
Get the size carboys, tanks and containers you need for safely storing your reagents and collecting waste. 
Reagent filters
Get filter reagents and end-of-line filters for various tubing sizes to protect your machine and your oligos.
Synthesis bottles
Find amber bottles for MerMadesynthesizers—we offer sizes upwards of 250 mL.
Other parts
Explore additional parts and tools to keep your instrument running.