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TransforMax EC100 Competent Cells

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Includes pUC19 control DNA.

TransforMax EC100 Competent Cells

Clone and sub-clone with high-efficiency, recA, endA competent cells.

Key features

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  • General cloning strain
  • Clone large inserts and transform large plasmids - up to at least 145 kb plasmid DNA.
  • Achieve high efficiencies with convenient chemically competent format.
  • Ideal for cloning, subcloning and plasmid preparation due to endA and rec mutations.
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Product information

The highly versatile TransforMax™ EC100™ E. coli competent cells are ideal for most cloning applications. The cells provide very high transformation efficiency when tested against a wide range of supercoiled DNAs as well as DNA directly from a ligation reaction (Table. 1).


  • Routine cloning of DNA up to 200 kb.


  • High transformation efficiency with clones of all sizes, including BAC clones (Table. 1).
  • lacZΔM15 for blue/white screening of recombinants.
  • Restriction minus [mcrA, Δ(mrr-hsdRMS-mcrBC)] enables efficient cloning of methylated DNA.
  • Endonuclease minus (endA1) to ensure high yields of DNA.
  • Recombination minus (recA1) for greater stability of large cloned inserts.
DNA TransforMax EC100 Chemically Competent E. coli TransforMax EC100 Electrocompetent E. coli
pUC19 1.4 × 108 1.4 × 1010
8.1-kb Clone 1.3 × 107 Not tested
13.1-kb Clone 4.3 × 106 1.3 × 109
23.1-kb Clone 9.2 × 105 3.0 × 108
145-kb BAC Clone Not tested 7 × 107
13.1-kb clone directly from a ligation reaction 2.2 × 105 2.1 × 107

Table. 1. Comparison of the transformation efficiencies of TransforMax™ EC100™ E. coli with a variety of DNAs. Transformations were performed using 50 µL of competent cells and either supercoiled DNAs of the indicated sizes or a 1-µL aliquot from a standard 10-µL ligation reaction. Results shown are in cfu/µg of DNA and are the average transformation efficiencies obtained from several trials.


F- mcrA Δ(mrr-hsdRMS-mcrBC) Φ80dlacZΔM15 ΔlacX74 recA1 endA1 araD139 Δ(ara, leu)7697 galU galK λ- rpsL (StrR) nupG

TransforMax EC100 Electrocompetent E. coli

  • Transformation efficiency of >1 × 1010 cfu/µg of pUC19.

TransforMax EC100 Chemically Competent E. coli

  • Transformation efficiency of >5 × 108 cfu/µg of pUC19.


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