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Ancillary Oligo Synthesis Reagents

Get high-quality ancillary reagents for DNA and RNA synthesis—we have reagents for every phase of the oligo synthesis cycle. We offer a wide range of ancillary reagents covering each step of the oligo synthesis process to complement our MerMade™ DNA/RNA synthesizers, and many of the reagents are available pre-packaged for various synthesizer types.

LGC, Biosearch Technologies is the largest specialist in manufacturing reagents for oligonucleotide synthesis and ensures you get quality reagents every time. Our ancillary reagents for oligo synthesis are fully QC-tested in oligo synthesis and are micro-filtered to eliminate particulates.

Acetonitrile-based solutions for diluting phosphoramidites and solubilising monomers and modifiers.
Micro-filtered 3% TCA/DCM available pre-packaged for various synthesizer types.
Quality-tested tetrazole-like reagents, ETT and BTT, available for the activation step of the oligo synthesis cycle.
Cap mix
Cap A and Cap B for blocking unreacted 5′-hydroxyl groups, dissolved in your choice of tetrahydrofuran or pyridine.
Stabilise oligos using 0.1 M or 0.02 M Iodine in THF/Pyridine/Water.
Acetonitrile and Diethylamine products Micro-filtered, free of particulates for washing growing oligo chains.