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5-Formyl-dC CE-Phosphoramidite
CAS No.:364613-34-3

Phosphoramidite used to incorporate a 5-formyl-modified deoxycytidine into an oligonucleotide for epigenetic studies.

Caged Strand-Breaker CE-Phosphoramidite
CAS No.:1221188-51-7

After incorporation into an oligonucleotide, irradiation at 365 nm at neutral pH causes strand cleavage, leaving phosphate groups on both daughter strands.

NPOM-Caged-dT CE-Phosphoramidite
CAS No.:942218-71-5

This phosphoramidite installs a thymidine residue bearing a bulky NPOM protecting group at N1, thus efficiently disrupting Watson-Crick base-pairing.

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