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The only source you need for end-to-end support in nucleic acid chemistries and synthesizers.

Browse the full NAC catalogue of reagents and synthesizers

A team of industry leaders with over 30 years’ experience synthesising nucleic acids, ready to share their expertise

Whether you’re just getting started in bringing nucleic acid synthesis in-house or you’re aiming to scale up a highly specialised sequence, we offer the most comprehensive selection of nucleic acid synthesis reagents, solid supports, and oligo synthesizers to build your oligo from start to finish. Synthesise your oligos with confidence with our team of nucleic acid chemistry (NAC) experts who have helped labs large and small establish their workflows according to their desired throughput, synthesis scale, and required modifications.

Uniquely positioned to help you reach synthesis success

  • Source everything you need from one supplier- With over 1,000 synthesis reagents available, we offer end-to-end oligo synthesis support with the most extensive range of CPG solid supports, common phosphoramidite modifications such as 2’-O-methyl and 2’-fluoro, specialist modifications and peptide nucleic acid monomers, nucleosides, carbohydrates and fluorescent markers--including the gold standard quenchers: Black Hole Quencher™ (BHQ™) and BlackBerry Quencher™ (BBQ™). Take the guesswork out of compatibility between reagents and instrumentation that originate from the same manufacturer.
  • Unrivalled customer service and technical support, regardless of time zone - establish, optimise, or troubleshoot your oligo synthesis protocols with our global team of NAC specialists who are experts in the field with years of wet lab or field experience and/or a background in chemistry.
  • Global instrument services - avoid delays with servicing instruments with our global oligo synthesizer service team, who can recommend the best service plan for annual preventative maintenance and facilitate the replacement of any parts.
  • Adaptable to your evolving needs – as your business grows and demands shift, we can accommodate increasing your production to high-throughput or customising synthesis workflows. We foster a collaborative environment to understand and configure according to your specifications. Scaling up is easy with our ability to provide bulk materials on supports and reagents that can be optimised on a wide range of synthesizers with varying throughput.

The only supplier on the market supporting end-to-end nucleic acid synthesis

LGC, Biosearch Technologies is proud to offer a fully-supported oligo synthesis solution with its Nucleic Acid Chemistry product portfolio. We have brought together all the great products offered from well-known entities, such as Biosearch Technologies, LINK, Berry & Associates, Prime Synthesis and BioAutomation, to provide you with a convenient and single point of contact to meet all your oligo synthesis needs..