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sbeadex Plasmid DNA Purification Kit

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The sbeadex Plasmid DNA Purification Kit contains a resuspension buffer, lysis buffer, neutralisation buffer, RNase A, wash buffer, elution buffer and sbeadex particle suspension.

Choose between 96 or 960 preparations, or enquire for bulk options.

sbeadex Plasmid DNA Purification Kit

The sbeadex Plasmid DNA Purification Kit uses magnetic bead technology to purify high-quality plasmid DNA from bacterial cultures.

Key features

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  • Efficient DNA purification for high-quality plasmid DNA from bacterial cultures
  • Streamline your workflow with ready-to-use buffers
  • Easy scale up sample processing using popular robotic platforms like Hamilton, TECAN, or KingFisher™, saving time and effort
  • Ensure accurate downstream applications with a final wash buffer that is PCR inhibitor free and contains no organic solvents or chaotropic salts
  • Tailor your protocol to your specific needs by adjusting batch size, lysis steps, and elution steps
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Product information

The sbeadex™ plasmid DNA purification kit is optimised for the efficient extraction of high-quality plasmid DNA from bacterial cultures, particularly E. coli strains.

The foundation of this kit is its cutting-edge magnetic particle-based DNA isolation protocol, which simplifies the entire process and offers the flexibility of automation. You can seamlessly integrate the protocol with the oKtopure™ automated robot and various other automated DNA isolation platforms, including the KingFisher, Hamilton, and Tecan instruments.

Applications for the kit are diverse, including plasmid isolation from bacterial cultures like E. coli. This versatile kit is an invaluable tool for a range of applications, from molecular genetic analyses and genetic engineering to plasmid preparations for cloning, restriction analysis, in vitro transcription, cell transformation/transfection, nucleic acid labelling, PCR, DNA sequencing, and more.

The sbeadex Technology

This kit leverages the power of sbeadex magnetic bead technology. These superparamagnetic particles, coated with sbeadex surface chemistry, employ a novel two-bind / two wash mechanism that ensures effective removal of impurities from the sample matrix. The second wash buffer in the kit is ethanol-free, eliminating any traces of ethanol that could potentially inhibit downstream reactions. Additionally, the sbeadex technology eliminates the need for a drying step before elution, further enhancing DNA quality.  

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