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QuickExtract DNA Extraction Solution

QuickExtract™ DNA Extraction Solution is a simple, single-tube procedure that can accommodate one to hundreds of samples.

Available in:

  • 5 mL (10 extractions)
  • 50 mL (100 extractions)
  • 1000 mL (2000 extractions)

Expert Recommendation: For difficult to lyse bacteria, Ready-Lyse Lysozyme Solution can be an additional lysis step when paired with our QuickExtract™ DNA Extraction Solution to extract PCR-ready DNA from gram +/- bacteria or fungi.

QuickExtract is also available for customised solutions that can be lyophilised for stabilisation and storage at ambient temperatures, contact us.

QuickExtract DNA Extraction Solution

QuickExtract DNA Extraction Solution is a fast and simple method for extracting PCR-ready genomic DNA from almost any sample for screening and genotyping applications. 

Key features

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  • Fast: 3 - 8 minute extraction protocol for most sample types

  • Simple: No need of centrifugation steps or spin columns to help increase yields

  • Automation-friendly: Procedure can be easily scaled to process hundreds of samples using automated workflows

  • Safe: Uses only non-toxic reagents

  • Many applications: suitable for genotyping, human identity testing, viral/microbial screening, and more.

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Product information

The QuickExtract™ DNA Extraction Solution can be used for rapid and efficient DNA extraction from almost any sample type using a simple, one-tube protocol that takes only 3 to 8 minutes (Fig. 1).

The method produces PCR-ready genomic DNA that is suitable for many applications.

Many publications support the use of QuickExtract with samples such as hair follicles, quill-end cells of feathers, tissue-culture cells, buccal cells, zebrafish organs and scales, mouse tail snips, and more.


  • The extracted PCR-ready DNA is suitable for analysis of:

  • Genomic, transgenic, or viral DNA screening in animals

  • Genetic or environmental research and screening in humans and other organisms

  • CRISPR/Cas9 library screening

If you’re working with gram +/- bacteria or fungi, QuickExtractTM DNA can be used alone or, for difficult to lyse bacteria, together with our Ready-Lyse Lysozyme Solution. Ready-Lyse’s specific activity is over 200 times higher than that of egg-white lysozyme, and QuickExtract is formulated for bacterial DNA extractions, making them an optimal combination for DNA extraction from gram +/- bacteria.

QuickExtract has been used to isolate viral RNA for subsequent SARS-CoV-2 detection by RT-PCR or RT-LAMP.

The solution has also been recommended for sample prep for T7E1 CRISPR mutation detection assays.


The convenient QuickExtract protocol involves gentle lysis and extraction, providing high yields of intact nucleic acid – all without the use of centrifugation, spin columns, or toxic chemicals.

The scalable procedure is also compatible with robotic automation to process hundreds of samples in multiwell plates.

DNA extraction requires only heat treatment to lyse the cellular or tissue material, release the DNA, and degrade compounds inhibitory to amplification. Following heat treatment, the sample DNA is ready for PCR.

Quickextract DNA Extraction Solution Procedure Diagram

Figure 1. Procedure for obtaining PCR-ready DNA
using QuickExtract DNA Extraction Solution.

Quickextract DNA Extraction Solution PCR Amplifications

Figure 2. FailSafe™ PCR amplifications of genomic DNA extracted from a variety of tissues or cells. Buccal cells were extracted using the BuccalAmp™ DNA Extraction Kit, and all other samples with QuickExtract™ DNA Extraction Solution. PCR was performed using primers to amplify the regions indicated: Lanes 1-3, human β-globin; lane 4, transgenic mouse GAPDH; lane 5, E. coli 16S ribosomal RNA gene; lane 6, transgenic SV40 T antigen.

Extracted DNA from Multiple Zebrafish Organs using Quickextract DNA Extraction Solution

Figure 3. Extracted DNA from multiple Zebrafish organs using QuickExtract™ DNA Extraction Solution 1.0. A 1-µL aliquot of a 100-µL extracted sample was used to amplify a single-copy crystallin-like gene. Lane 1, 100-bp ladder; lanes 2-3, fins; lanes 4-5, eyes; lanes 6-7, scales; lane 8, no-DNA control.

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