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Part of LGC Biosearch Technologies

For over 20 years, BioAutomation has been an industry leading manufacturer of the renowned MerMade™ oligo synthesizers. These versatile DNA/RNA synthesizers come at a range of configurations with a proven track record supporting a variety of applications in diagnostics and therapeutics. Complemented with a selection of solid support columns, modified and unmodified bases and ancillary reagents, customers are easily able to synthesise their oligos according to their specifications.

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A brief history of BioAutomation Corporation

BioAutomation Corporation (BioAutomation) served the biotechnology industry since 1999 with automated nucleic acid synthesis instrumentation to assist in research and development. Their strengths were their ability to design, deliver and service solutions that were tailored to their customers performing pharmaceutical, biotech, scientific research and development and academic applications globally. Their oligonucleotide synthesizers provided scientists and researchers specialised tools capable of adapting to evolving needs. These products came in a variety of configurations to meet the throughput, synthesis scale, length of synthesis cycle and number of modifications required.

BioAutomation’s portfolio merges with Biosearch Technologies, the comprehensive genomics portfolio from LGC

  • LGC acquired BioAutomation in 2018 to complement their growing nucleic acid chemistry (NAC) portfolio with automation. Now, at our centre of excellence for engineering in Alexandria, Minnesota, Biosearch Technologies manufactures eight models of the MerMade instrument capable of synthesising between 4 and 192 oligos simultaneously at scale ranges from 50 nmol (tens of micrograms of final product) to 200 umol (hundreds of milligrams of final product).
  • BioAutomation also offered phosphoramidites, solvents, columns and trap packs alongside their instrumentation, which have now been integrated into our combined synthesis reagents offering within the Biosearch Technologies’ NAC portfolio.
  • The combined expertise of technical support teams as well as excellent customer service uniquely positions LGC, Biosearch Technologies to provide global customer and engineering support.

The only supplier on the market supporting end-to-end nucleic acid synthesis

LGC, Biosearch Technologies is proud to offer a fully-supported oligo synthesis solution with its Nucleic Acid Chemistry product portfolio. We have brought together all the great products offered from well-known entities, such as Biosearch Technologies, LINK, Berry & Associates, Prime Synthesis and BioAutomation, to provide you with a convenient and single point of contact to meet all your oligo synthesis needs..