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Prime Synthesis CPG

Part of Biosearch Technologies

Since the initial involvement in providing DNA synthesis columns to support the Human Genome Project, Prime Synthesis, Inc. has become the market leader of controlled pore glass (CPG) supports for oligonucleotide synthesis. Now a strategic partner to many leading oligo therapeutic companies and oligo CMOs, Prime Synthesis, Inc. products continue to lead the way with innovation in solid supports.

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A brief history of Prime Synthesis

  • Prime Synthesis, Inc. was founded in 1988 to manufacture and sell DNA synthesis columns to support the Human Genome Project.
  • In the mid-1990s, Prime Synthesis, Inc. began developing controlled pore glass (CPG) supports for oligo synthesis. Prime Performance™ CPG is considered to be the gold-standard solid support and is used by many research and diagnostic oligo companies in the world.
  • Early Prime Synthesis, Inc. research efforts were awarded two rounds of funding from the Ben Franklin Technology Partners Emerging Growth program in both 1992 and 1994. This work allowed the study of CPG characteristics and nucleoside attachment chemistry to develop the optimum solid supports for oligonucleotide synthesis and large scale manufacturing capabilities.
  • Prime Synthesis, Inc.’s products are supplied to the pharma and biopharma, academic research, CMOs, medical diagnostics and biochemical reagents markets.

Prime Synthesis merges with Biosearch Technologies, the comprehensive genomics portfolio from LGC

  • LGC acquired Prime Synthesis, Inc. in 2016 in order to strengthen its supply of oligo synthesis materials, which complemented the genomics portfolio renamed under Biosearch Technologies.
  • Prime Synthesis portfolio offers controlled pore glass (CPG), modified and unmodified, in bulk and in synthesis columns, in a variety of pore sizes and loadings..
  • The combination of the Prime Synthesis manufacturing, now situated in Petaluma, California, with LGC, Biosearch Technologies’ CPG production facility in Steinach, Germany, provides increased supply chain resiliency for our clients based on the manufacturing footprint in both the US and Europe. It also provides a platform for scalability, which is important for our Pharmaceutical customers conducting late stage clinical trials with oligo therapeutic candidates.

The only supplier on the market supporting end-to-end nucleic acid synthesis

LGC, Biosearch Technologies is proud to offer a fully-supported oligo synthesis solution with its Nucleic Acid Chemistry product portfolio. We have brought together all the great products offered from well-known entities, such as Biosearch Technologies, LINK, Berry & Associates, Prime Synthesis and BioAutomation, to provide you with a convenient and single point of contact to meet all your oligo synthesis needs..