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Berry & Associates

Part of Biosearch Technologies

Specialising in manufacturing modified phosphoramidites over the past 30 years, Berry offers over 800 products for oligonucleotide synthesis, including a wide selection of nucleosides, carbohydrates and fluorescent markers. Berry is also your original source for the range of BlackBerry™ Quenchers (BBQ™) and Click-easy™ click chemistry products.

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A brief history of Berry & Associates

  • Founded in 1989 with roots in the nucleoside field, Berry & Associates soon moved into the chemistry of nucleic acids, resulting in a current portfolio of nearly 200 phosphoramidites and solid phase-linked monomers for oligonucleotide synthesis as well as hundreds of nucleosides, nucleotides, carbohydrates, spacers, quenchers and fluorophores.
  • In 2015, Berry and Associates acquired Icon Isotopes, provider of stable isotope research compounds and gases, with a view to extending Berry and Associates’ offerings to include stable isotope labelled nucleosides and phosphoramidites, markers, quenchers and heterocycles.
  • Berry and Associates’ products are sold to customers in the pharmaceutical, clinical diagnostics and academic research sectors, as well as to oligonucleotide synthesis companies and contract manufacturing organisations.

Berry & Associates’ products merges with Biosearch Technologies, the comprehensive genomics portfolio from LGC

  • LGC acquired Berry and Associates in 2018 to expand its support in nucleic acid chemistry, which complemented the genomics portfolio renamed under Biosearch Technologies.
  • The acquisition of Berry & Associates has enabled LGC, Biosearch Technologies to broaden its portfolio with numerous high-quality specialty phosphoramidites, derivatized CPGs for DNA and RNA synthesis and Click chemistry.
  • Together, our Bellshill (LINK) and Dexter (Berry) sites combine to form an unrivalled co-located centre of excellence in the chemistry of nucleic acids.

The only supplier on the market supporting end-to-end nucleic acid synthesis

LGC, Biosearch Technologies is proud to offer a fully-supported oligo synthesis solution with its Nucleic Acid Chemistry product portfolio. We have brought together all the great products offered from well-known entities, such as Biosearch Technologies, LINK, Berry & Associates, Prime Synthesis and BioAutomation, to provide you with a convenient and single point of contact to meet all your oligo synthesis needs..