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sbeadex pathogen nucleic acid purification kit - no dangerous goods

The sbeadex Pathogen Nucleic Acid Purification Kit without dangerous goods includes a Lysis Buffer, Binding Buffer, a variety of Wash Buffers, an Elution Buffer, sbeadex particle suspension solution containing EDTA and the Proteinase K enzyme.

This kit does not contain dangerous goods.

Validated for research use only using AccuPlex™ reference material and is compatible with our COVID-19 detection kit.

Choose between 96 or 960 preparations, or enquire for bulk options.

sbeadex pathogen nucleic acid purification kit - no dangerous goods

The sbeadex Pathogen Nucleic Acid Purification Kit without dangerous goods is a safe and reliable solution for purifying DNA and RNA from pathogenic samples.

Key features

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  • Rapid nucleic acid purification from various pathogens
  • Contains no dangerous goods, avoiding shipping problems to distinct destinations.
  • High-quality sbeadex magnetic bead-based technology
  • Ready-to-use kit compatible with most robotic platforms
  • Suitable for many downstream applications such as: PCR/qPCR, RT-PCR/qRT-PCR, and NGS
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Product information

The sbeadex Pathogen Nucleic Acid Purification Kit without dangerous goods is a cutting-edge solution for fast and reliable isolation of highly purified DNA and RNA from various pathogenic bacteria, viruses and yeasts.

The sbeadex Technology

This kit leverages the power of sbeadex magnetic bead technology. These superparamagnetic particles, coated with sbeadex surface chemistry, employ a novel two-bind / two-wash mechanism that ensures effective removal of impurities from the sample matrix. The second wash buffer in the kit is ethanol-free, eliminating any traces of ethanol that could potentially inhibit downstream reactions. Additionally, the sbeadex technology eliminates the need for a drying step before elution, further enhancing DNA quality.

The inclusion of Proteinase K facilitates efficient cell disruption and nucleic acid release with certain sample material and safeguards its integrity. The Proteinase K enzyme enhances the efficiency of nucleic acid extraction by digestion of proteins in the cell lysate. This addition helps produce higher DNA/RNA yields and improves the stability of extracted nucleic acids.

This is a ready-to-use kit designed to streamline the DNA and RNA purification process, making it an ideal choice for downstream applications such as:

  • PCR / qPCR

  • Real Time (RT) PCR / qRT-PCR

  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

The kit is compatible with a wide range of automation platforms, such as Thermo's KingFisher and Hamilton's Microlab Star or our oKtopure, and can be easily automated on various liquid handlers and purification platforms. It offers high flexibility in reaction volumes, making it suitable for high-throughput purifications.

This kit contains no dangerous goods ensuring an extra level of safety and regulatory compliance.

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