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QuickExtract RNA Extraction Kit

QuickExtract RNA Extraction Kit

The QuickExtract RNA Extraction Kit is ideal for rapid extraction of RT-PCR ready RNA from cultured mammalian cells.

Key features

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  • Rapid extraction of RT-PCR-ready RNA from cultured mammalian cells
  • Fast: Extract end-point and real-time RT-PCR ready RNA in minutes from low to high numbers of samples
  • Simple: Single tube protocol
  • Compatible: Extracted RNA is compatible with both real-time and endpoint RT-PCR
  • Automation-friendly: Simple protocol makes incorporation into an automated workflow easy
  • Flexible: A DNase I digestion step can be added for sensitive downstream applications when necessary
  • Safe: No toxic reagents used

Size: 50 mL

Item ID QER090150
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Product information

The QuickExtract™ RNA Extraction Kit is a fast, simple way of preparing RNA for RT-PCR (both end-point and real-time). The single-tube system requires only vortex mixing to lyse the cells, and prepare the RNA for cDNA synthesis. The result is easy processing of one to hundreds of samples in minutes, with no sample loss or toxic organic solvents. The QuickExtract RNA Extraction Solution works with cultured adherent and suspension cells including buccal cells, and has been tested on human, mouse, rat, E. coli, and S. aureus cell cultures. It is not suitable for tissue samples or plant samples. An optional DNase I treatment may improve certain downstream applications.


  • Preparation of RNA from cultured adherent and suspension cells for RT-PCR.

Figure 1. End-point RT-PCR of different regions of a 14 kb message using HeLa cell extract with the QuickExtract RNA Extraction Kit. A sample containing 105 HeLa cells was lysed in 100 µL of QuickExtract RNA Extraction Solution by vortex mixing. The lysate was reverse transcribed with the MMLV Reverse Transcriptase 1st Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit using standard conditions and random primers. The cDNA was then amplified with six primer sets to p532 using the FailSafe™ PCR System. Lane M, 100 bp ladder; Lane 1, 12984 to 13892; lane 2, 9406 to 10202; lane 3, 5194 to 5802; lane 4, 4191 to 4690; lane 5, 2280 to 2676; and lane 6, 1029 to 1329.
Figure 2. Comparative yield of RT-PCR product with different RNA extraction kits. Lysates were prepared according to manufacturers' instructions and used as template to produce cDNA using the MMLV RT 1st Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit, followed by PCR using the FailSafe PCR System with primers for the ALDOA gene. Products were separated on a 2% agarose gel and stained with SYBR® gold. Lane M, 100 bp ladder; lanes 1 and 2, QuickExtract RNA Extraction Kit; lanes 3 and 4, kit from Vendor 1; lanes 5 and 6, kit from Vendor 2.

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