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sbeadex Livestock DNA Purification Kit, No Dangerous Goods

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The sbeadex Livestock Kit with No Dangerous Goods contains all of the components necessary to perform high-quality DNA purification. The kit includes 3 wash buffers, 2 lysis buffers, 1 binding buffer, 1 elution buffer, sbeadex particle suspension + EDTA, and protease K solution. The 96 purifications size (NAP44723) also contains debris capture beads to assist with physical separation of debris after lysis of particular sample types.

As a kit without dangerous goods the binding buffer and wash buffer concentrates contain no hazardous substances.

Choose between 96 or 960 preparations, or enquire for bulk options. 

Compatible sample types include: Ear punch, blood, hair, saliva and swabs, semen, and more.

Compatible species types include: Bovine, Chicken, Dog, Fish, Goat, Horse, Sheep, and more. 

sbeadex Livestock DNA Purification Kit, No Dangerous Goods

sbeadex livestock kit (96 purifications; no dangerous goods)

The sbeadex Livestock DNA Purification Kit with No Dangerous Goods utilizes magnetic bead technology to provide an all-in-one solution for DNA purification regardless of sample type. 

Key features

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  • Universal solution for DNA purification from diverse livestock samples
  • Contains NO dangerous goods ensuring safety and regulatory compliance
  • Suitable for various downstream applications, including next-generation sequencing, KASP genotyping, and Chip technologies
  • Simplified workflow with standard protocol that eliminates the need for multiple kits specific for different sample types
  • Compatible with popular robotic platforms like KingFisher, Hamilton, or Tecan instruments, allowing for efficient high-throughput extractions and easy automation
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Item ID NAP44723
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Product information

Livestock DNA testing poses unique challenges, particularly in achieving high-quality DNA preparations for downstream genetic analyses. Traditional approaches often require separate kits and protocols for different sample types and animal species, hindering automation and high-throughput processing. 

The sbeadex™ Livestock DNA Purification Kit without Dangerous Goods is designed to simplify and accelerate workflows by serving as a universal livestock DNA testing solution – only one kit is needed for a variety of livestock samples independent of sample type or species.

The label of No Dangerous Goods, ensures that the kit contains no hazardous substances.

With its universal approach, it offers DNA purification that is suitable for a wide range of downstream applications, making it an ideal choice for efficient and cost-effective livestock genetic analysis.

The protocol is compatible with leading robotic platforms such as KingFisher, Hamilton, or Tecan instruments, enabling efficient and seamless high-throughput extractions. The kit's compatibility with these popular automation systems enhances workflow efficiency and scalability, catering to the needs of high-throughput laboratories.

The kit ensures the production of high-quality DNA purification from diverse animal species and various sample types, including ear punch, blood, hair, saliva, swabs, and semen. The resulting DNA is suited for a range of downstream applications, including next-generation sequencing, KASP genotyping, and Chip technologies. 

Whether you are conducting research, breeding programs, or genetic analysis, this kit delivers reliable and consistent DNA purification.

The sbeadex livestock DNA testing kits have been used successfully with:

Sample type Animal species
  • Blood
  • Hair
  • Saliva
  • Semen
  • Tissue
  • Bovine
  • Chicken
  • Dog
  • Fish
  • Goat
  • Horse
  • Sheep

The sbeadex Technology

This kit leverages the power of sbeadex magnetic bead technology. These superparamagnetic particles, coated with sbeadex surface chemistry, employ a novel two-bind / two wash mechanism that ensures effective removal of impurities from the sample matrix. The second wash buffer in the kit is ethanol-free, eliminating any traces of ethanol that could potentially inhibit downstream reactions. Additionally, the sbeadex technology eliminates the need for a drying step before elution, further enhancing DNA quality.

This particular kit also includes EDTA with the sbeadex beads to help prevent DNA degradation and debris capture beads to ensure efficient removal of unwanted debris and impurities from the sample.

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