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Expression Recovery Medium

Item Id: 80030-1

Optimised formulation for ensuring stability and high-efficiency transformation of protein expression clones.

TG1 Electrocompetent Cells

Construct larger, more complex phage display libraries with highest efficiency cells. This amber suppressor strain can be used for phage display and protein expression.

OverExpress Electrocompetent Cells

Express difficult or toxic proteins using standard E. coli T7 expression vectors using these unique strains. Also available in chemically competent format.

Endura Competent Cells

Clone and maintain unstable or repetitive sequences and lentiviral libraries with high efficiency. Ideal for GeCKO CRISPR library transformation.

TransforMax EPI300

Clone large inserts in standard plasmids, and control copy number of CopyControl vectors. EPI300 Electrocompetent cells are recommended for Gibson Assembly® reactions.

E. cloni 10G Chemically Competent Cells

Clone, construct libraries, transform Gibson Assembly® reactions all with high-yield, T1 phage-resistant cells in high efficiencies for routine and challenging applications.

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