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FailSafe PCR System

PCR System kit for end-point applications. Includes everything needed for successful PCR performance. Achieve consistent, high-fidelity results for every DNA template.

RapiDxFire Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase

Reliable hot start Taq DNA Polymerase for sensitive detection of low abundance target DNA. Ideal for standard end point PCR and qPCR applications. Available in Glycerol-free, …

KASP-TF Fluidigm

Order our specialised KASP-TF formulation for use with Fluidigm systems, available in 10,000 reaction and 100,000 reaction sizes.

KASP-TF V5.0 2X Master Mix

KASP-TF V5.0 provides fast, accurate genotyping with environmentally-friendly, Triton-free formulations. Use with Array Tape™ platform for ultra-low volume reactions.

MasterAmp Tth DNA Polymerase

Item Id: TTH72250

A thermostable DNA- and RNA-dependent DNA polymerase for both PCR and RT-PCR applications.

FailSafe PCR PreMix Selection Kit

Item Id: FS99060

PCR optimisation kit for end-point applications. Includes everything needed to optimise PCR performance and achieve consistent, high-fidelity results for every DNA template.

MasterAmp 10X PCR Enhancer with Betaine

Item Id: ME81210

The MasterAmp 10X PCR Enhancer (with betaine) substantially improves the specificity and yield of PCR amplification reactions, especially templates containing a high GC conten…

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PCR and qPCR Reagents

LGC, Biosearch Technologies specialises in custom and OEM manufacture of high-quality PCR reagents, enzymes, and master mixes for an array of diagnostic and research applications.

Our master mixes are formulated with researchers and kit developers in mind, and we can customise our product formulation, enzyme concentration, dispensing, packaging and labeling—including private labels. And, we’ll provide knowledgeable scientific support for your PCR, qPCR, and RT-qPCR projects from start to finish.