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2-Aminopurine CE-Phosphoramidite

2-Aminopurine CE-Phosphoramidite

CAS No.:178925-41-2

Phosphoramidite for incorporation of a 2-amino-modified purine in a synthetic oligonucleotide.

Key features

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  • Useful for investigating structural changes, as the base is deficient in hydrogen bonding sites.
  • Mildly fluorescent.
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Product information

2-Aminopurine-CE Phosphoramidite is useful for investigating structural changes, as the base is deficient in hydrogen bonding sites. It is also mildly fluorescent.

Applicable Products

LK2069 2-Aminopurine-CE Phosphoramidite
LK2070 4-Thio-dT-CE Phosphoramidite

Physical & Dilution Data

Dilution volumes (in ml) are for 0.1M solutions in dry acetonitrile (LK4050). Adjust accordingly for other concentrations. For µmol pack sizes, products should be diluted as 100µmol/ml to achieve 0.1M, regardless of molecular weight.


Mol. Formula

Mol. Wt.

Unit Wt.




LK2069 C43H53N8O6P 808.93 313.21 3.09 6.18 12.36
LK2070 C43H52N5O7PS 813.95 320.26 3.07 6.14 12.29


No changes are required from the standard method recommended by the synthesiser manufacturer. Coupling is as per standard nucleoside amidites.


0.02M Oxidiser is recommended for LK2070.


Use standard deprotection conditions with LK2069. For LK2070 it is desirable to remove the cyanoethyl protecting group using 1M DBU in acetonitrile for 3h at room temperature, prior to cleavage and deprotection. The latter is achieved with 50mM NaSH in ammonium hydroxide solution for 24h at room temperature.

Storage & Stability

Refrigerate dry compounds. Stability in solution is 2-3 days.


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