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4-Hydroxy-3-iodo-5-nitrophenyl hapten is conjugated to a tripeptide arm. It may further be bound to amino groups via carbodiimide or succinimide esters.

Hapten Conjugates

Our line of conjugates include well studied small molecule haptens, e.g. DNP, TNP, NP, NIP, and PC (Phosphoryl Choline), that are useful for inducing an antibody response in animal models. 

Various levels of conjugation density are available depending on the antibody response required by the researcher. Such reagents are complete antigens useful for inducing antibody response in animal models.

We offer various sizes of our hapten reagents. Depending on the product, you can select from 10 mg to 1 g, and many of our products are available in bulk – so you can get the amount you need for your specific applications.