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EZ-Load Pipette Cassette

EZ-Load Pipette Cassette

EZ-Load Pipette Cartridge

The EZ-Load pipettor head for multiple channel pipetting

Key features

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  • Simple: Simplify the use of disposable tips. 
  • No tools: Tip loading and unloading without tools.
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Item ID KBS-0753-005
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Product information

The EZ-Load pipettor heads from Apricot Designs simplify the use of disposable tips for multiple channel pipetting by making tip loading and unloading a simple manual process without the requirement for any tools.

The EZ-Load heads are used in conjunction with specially-made disposable pipette tip racks that allow the transfer of a rack of tips directly from the package into the EZ-Load head. The operator simply drops the rack of tips into the head, places the head in the pipettor and presses a button to load the head. Unlike all other tip loading designs, the end of the tip is not forced over a protruding mandrel. No longer is it necessary to apply excess force or “tap” in order to get the tips properly loaded.

The EZ-Load heads feature a Swing Lock design that allows the tips to be placed into the head without any contact on the bottom part of the tips, thus eliminating cross-contamination due to contact with the head after pipetting. The tops of the pipette tips are sealed against the face seal by the pipettor’s automatic electric loading mechanism. A reliable seal for all tips is provided for optimal pipetting performance.

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