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KASP-TF V4.0 2X Master Mix

KASP-TF V4.0 2X Master Mix

KASP-TF provides fast, accurate genotyping with environmentally-friendly, Triton-free formulations. Available for 96-, 384-, and 1536-well plates with ROX normalizing dye.

Key features

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- Gold-standard technology for high-throughput PCR-based genotyping

- Easy implementation in your lab with global support from our sales and technical support specialists

- Each lot of KASP-TF Master Mix is functionally tested in high-throughput genotyping

- Simplify with complete solutions designed around your needs - instruments, software, and extraction technologies, all with fully validated protocols

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Product information

Patented, PCR based KASP genotyping technology has been a critical tool for plant and livestock breeders for over fifteen years, and KASP markers are a integral component of breeding programs at industry-leading agricultural biology companies. KASP markers have also been used to understand human health and disease. Updated KASP-TF Master Mixes offer legendary KASP performance, flexibility, speed and accuracy all in environmentally-friendly formulations free of Triton-X100(TM) surfactant.

Order your KASP-TF Master Mix independently or in combination with your customized KASP Assays.

Biosearch Technologies uses KASP Master Mix in our own labs - the largest genotyping lab in Europe. With our global network of in-house and field-based technical sales and support, and an array of genotyping instrumentation, consumables and software, you can count on our expertise to provide you with complete genotyping workflow support.

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