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BHQ Probe Master Mix

BHQ Probe Master Mix

A versatile mix for both end-point PCR genotyping and qPCR applications.

Key features

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  • One robust and dependable master mix for both end-point PCR and qPCR applications driving operational efficiency across all workflows.
  • Optimised for miniaturisation and scalable to a wide range of reaction volumes for different instrument platforms (1.6 µL-25 µL).
  • Sensitive and dependable qPCR data with consistent high performance efficiency over a wide dynamic range, from 100,000 down to 10 target copies per reaction even at miniaturised reaction volumes.
  • Suitable for multiplex PCR delivering more data per reaction with robust performance when paired with all Biosearch Technologies’ BHQ probes in duplex SNP genotyping and multiplex qPCR applications.
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Product information

DNA and RNA extracted from agricultural samples can be especially challenging for PCR and qPCR, and often require the use of robust master mixes and enzymes. BHQ™ (Black Hole Quencher™) Probe Master Mix delivers the performance needed to maximise PCR efficiency and data quality from agricultural samples regardless of the input quality.

BHQ Probe Master Mix is a 2X PCR mix containing a reliable hot start Taq DNA Polymerase designed to perform especially well with all BHQ-labelled hydrolysis probes and DNA templates from a variety of agriculture sample types in both singleplex and multiplex PCR applications.

Geared for high selectivity and low background, the BHQ Probe and BHQ Probe Master Mix combination delivers high-precision, unambiguous SNP genotyping, Copy Number Variation (CNV), and Adventitious Presence (AP) answers critical for advancing your trait development and commercialisation pipeline

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