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FailSafe PCR 2X PreMixes

These are 2.5 mL individual components of the FailSafe PCR Premix Selection Kit and FailSafe PCR System.

FailSafe PCR 2X PCR PreMixes contain 100 mM Tris-HCl (pH 8.3), 100 mM KCl, 400 μM of each dNTP, and varying concentrations of both the MgCl2 (3-7 mM) and FailSafe PCR Enhancer (0-8X).

Before purchasing, we strongly recommend first optimising your PCR conditions using the FailSafe PCR PreMix Selection Kit in order to know which 2X PreMixes to choose. If optimisation is complete, you can proceed with the bundled and affordable post optimization FailSafe PCR System.

The “failsafe” nature is guaranteed when using all of the FailSafe components.

FailSafe PCR 2X PreMixes

Twelve 2X PreMixes, individual components of the FailSafe PreMix Selection Kit for PCR optimization, and the bundled post - optimization FailSafe PCR System.

Key features

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  • Individual components of FailSafe PCR Kits
  • Contains PCR Enhancer Technology with Betaine
  • Improves sensitivity and specificity
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Product information

These are the individual 2X PreMix components included in the FailSafe PreMix Selection Kit for PCR optimization. Once the optimal PCR 2X PreMixes are identified, the individual premixes labelled A - L can be ordered individually, or, with the bundled and affordable post optimization FailSafe PCR System.

Each tube is sufficient for four reaction optimization runs. Simply add your template, primers, and the FailSafe PCR Enzyme Mix to each of the 2X PreMixes and amplify.

Why PCR 2X PreMixes with Betaine?

The 12 total reaction premixes are a ready to go 2.5 mL solution containing buffer, all four dNTPs, varying amounts of MgCl2, and PCR Enhancer with betaine.

The presence of the PCR Enhancer with betaine helps substantially improve the yield and specificity, even with templates containing high-GC content or secondary structures (1,2). Betaine can also enhance PCR amplification by protecting DNA polymerases from thermal denaturation (3).

For a complete explanation of how FailSafe technology works, please read the manual.


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  2. Luo, G. C., Yi, T. T., Jiang, B., Guo, X. L., & Zhang, G. Y. (2019). Betaine-assisted recombinase polymerase assay with enhanced specificity. Analytical biochemistry, 575, 36-39.

  3. Day, C. R., & Kempson, S. A. (2016). Betaine chemistry, roles, and potential use in liver disease. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-General Subjects, 1860(6), 1098-1106.


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