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sbeadex Lightning Nucleic Acid Purification Kit

Product Details

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The sbeadex Lightning Nucleic Acid Purification Kit comes as a modular system to tailor your optimal kit. Choose from two versions of sbeadex Lightning, Core Kit A and Core Kit B

Each kit contains:

  • sbeadex Lightning binding buffer (LP in Kit A and LU in Kit B)
  • sbeadex particles suspension
  • elution buffer (AMP)

Core kits can be complemented with a range of individual components (e.g. lysis buffers, Protease K solution, debris capture beads) that can be purchased separately. Just buy what you need to establish your optimal purification method!

We highly recommend starting with our comprehensive starter kit to evaluate performance and optimise workflow before progressing to one of our core kits and lysis buffers, especially for those unfamiliar with our product line.  


sbeadex Lightning Nucleic Acid Purification Kit

The sbeadex Lightning Nucleic Acid Purification Kit is a game-changing innovation in nucleic acid isolation - as it delivers high-quality DNA in high yield with a simple, ultrafast 3-step/5-minute protocol, saving time and costs. It comes as a modular system allowing to compile a kit optimised for a specific sample type.

Key features

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  • Save time and increase sample throughput: Superfast and convenient protocols that adapt seamlessly to automated high-throughput workflows
  • Flexibility: Optimise nucleic acid purification from different sample types using our self-assembly kit solutions (2 core kits, 6 different lysis buffers and other optional components). Unsure which to choose? Start with our sbeadex Lightning Nucleic Acid Purification Starter Kit
  • Cost-savings: Benefit from a 3-step/5-minute protocol that reduces overall lab costs (e.g. plastic consumables) and ensures reliable and reproducible results
  • High DNA quality and yield: Attain highly purified DNA in high yields suitable for a wide range of downstream applications
  • Convenience and stability: Ready-to-use reagents with high stability at room temperature
  • Sustainability and eco-friendliness: New, flexible kit format and shortened protocol reduce components to what is actually needed - reducing plastic, liquid and packaging waste
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Product information

Explore the versatility of sbeadex Lightning chemistry

Discover the potential with our two core kit options, Core kit A and Core kit B. Each kit contains everything you need to follow our lightning protocol designed for efficient 3-step purification of high-quality DNA from plant and animal tissue lysates in as little as typically 5 minutes. You can complete the Core Kits by ordering individual components such as recommended lysis buffers, Protease K or Debris capture beads. Before ordering a Core Kit, we recommend using our Starter Kit to evaluate and determine the optimal composition of Core kit and individual components.

Core Kit options

Core Kit A: Recommended for most sample varieties and particularly effective for plant samples.

Core Kit B: Optimized for specific sample types, especially mammalian tissue samples.

We highly recommend starting with our comprehensive Starter Kit to evaluate optimal lysis conditions and performance before progressing to one of our core kits.

Both kits embrace an environmentally friendly approach that reduces plastics, packaging, shipping costs, and hazardous waste.

To complete your sbeadex Lightning kit we offer a range of individual components that allow a flexible workflow optimization tailored to your specific sample types and needs.

Revolutionary lightning technology

Our patent pending sbeadex Lightning product line brings a new era of nucleic acid isolation with a superfast and straightforward 3-step protocol. Purify nucleic acids in just typically 5 minutes from a variety of plant and animal sample materials. This innovative technology cuts time by requiring only a binding buffer, our proprietary sbeadex particles, and an elution buffer. Despite that simplified and shortened protocol, sbeadex Lightning delivers highly pure DNA in high yields that easily draws level with popular purification kits. 


DNA purification: Ideal for downstream applications such as PCR/qPCR, restriction analysis/cloning or sequencing/NGS.

Wide sample compatibility: Applicable to a diverse range of sample types, including plant and animal tissues (see product details).

The sbeadex Lightning technology

This kit leverages the power of sbeadex magnetic bead technology. These superparamagnetic particles, coated with sbeadex surface chemistry, employ a novel one-step binding mechanism that ensures effective removal of impurities from the sample matrix. The recommended but optional wash step is performed with water, preventing organic/alcoholic traces in the eluate that might inhibit enzymatic downstream applications. This eliminates the need for a drying step before elution, further enhancing DNA quality.

Automation of sbeadex Lightning 


The sbeadex Lightning DNA purification protocol can be automated using our fully automated nucleic acid isolation platform, the oKtopure™ platform.

For experienced oKtopure users, the following two links to zip files contain a run file and three advanced mixing routines, one for each step of the protocol (bind, wash, elute). These are provided for both 100 µL and 200 µL of lysate input volume.

The table below provides summary information about the available oKtopure run files, including the total run time of each.

  100 µL input volume 200 µL input volume
Run file sbxlightning_100V_Elu50 sbxlightning_200V_Elu100
Run time (8 plates) 1 hour 36 minutes 1 hour 55 minutes

When establishing sbeadex Lightning on your oKtopure, we recommend liaising with our automation experts to ensure that all instrument settings are appropriate for your sample types. Biosearch Technologies offer pilot projects to determine feasibility for challenging sample types and to address parameters such as customised sample input amounts and elution volumes.

KingFisher Flex

Automation can also be achieved using the KingFisher Flex platform; we provide standard protocols that you can access below.

This zip file contains 12 different BindIt files (.bdz) and 12 corresponding report files (.pdf) that contain general information about the run file, the reagent information and details regarding the steps of the automated protocol.

To determine the most appropriate BindIt file (.bdz) for your application, you need to choose:

  1. the relevant input volume – either 100 µL or 200 µL of lysate per well.

  2. the desired elution time – 90 seconds, 300 seconds, or 600 seconds. Different plant species and sample types react differently to the elution time. In general, longer elution times guarantee that all available DNA is eluted, but for some sample types (particularly plants) the shorter elution times have shown to be sufficient.

  3. the number of plates to be processed simultaneously – either one plate or two plates, depending on your laboratory setup.

The table below provides summary information about the available BindIt files, including the total run time of each.


Alternative liquid handlers can also be used to automate the sbeadex Lightning chemistry; please contact technical support ( if you require any guidance.  

Please note that manually optimised protocols may require further optimisation when transferring to an automated platform.


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