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BioArk Fish

BioArk Fish

Fish fin sample collection kit without ethanol, buffers, or freezing including 96-well plate, manual, complete set of tools for collection, instructions for return shipment. For all-inclusive genotyping service order, get BioArk fish kit along with Fin puncture tool and cutting mat free of charge. 
For non-inclusive genotyping service order, BioArk fish kits and Fin puncture tool and cutting mat need to be ordered separately.

Key features

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  • Quality data from consistent sample quality, size, and shipping stability
  • Environmentally friendly with reductions in plastic consumption, hazardous ethanol, energy consumption, and carbon emissions over traditional sampling methods
  • Convenient genotyping by courier concept
  • Easy shipment and customs clearing

size: each

Item ID KBS-9370-001-F
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