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5'-DMT-rG (Pac)-Suc CPG Column

5'-DMT-rG (Pac)-Suc CPG Column

CPG column for incorporation of unmodified ribo-G at 3' end of an oligonucleotide.

Key features

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  • CPG has aminopropyl succinyl linker
  • Phenoxyacetyl (Pac) protection for use in UltraMILD conditions
  • Standard luer or Supercolumn pipette column types available
  • Available in different synthesis scales and pore sizes
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Product information

Various RNA CPG column formats are available, and compatible with a range of instruments.

Column Type Description Compatible synthesizers
Hybrid columns
  • Pipette format
  • Medium porosity Porex frits
  • Leaves headspace above the CPG
  • MerMade
  • ABI 3900
  • Other pipette-based synthesizers
Supercolumns or MerMade columns
  • Upper pipette fitting and a lower luer fitting
  • Frit stomped to remove headspace over CPG
  • MerMade
  • ABI 3900
  • Dr Oligo
  • Other pipette-based synthesizers
Standard or ALL-FIT columns
  • Luer-to-luer fitting
  • ABI 394
  • Expedite 8900/8909
  • Other luer-to-luer fitting synthesizers such as K&A
TWIST™ columns
  • Luer-to-luer fitting
  • Have a screw cap that can be opened to manipulate the synthesis support and then resealed
  • Generally used for larger scale synthesis
  • Luer-to-luer fitting synthesizers


  • Appearance: White Powder

Product usage:

  • Synthesis conditions: Follow the instrument manufacturer's protocol when using this product. If using PAC protected supports or reagents we recommend using phenoxyacetic anhydride or t.butyl phenoacetal acid anhydride(FAST deprotecting capping) as the CAP A reagent. Standard acetic anhydride (CAP A) can cause acetylation of the PAC protected primary amines during synthesis.
  • Cleavage conditions: Use concentrated ammonia for 90 minutes at 25 °C when using standard amidites or 1:1 ammonia:methylamine (AMA) for 25 minutes at 25 °C when using fast deprotecting amidites.We do not recommend using AMA to cleave or deprotect sequences that contain uridine. The AMA may degrade the uridine nucleobase.
  • Deprotection conditions: When using fast deprotecting amidites (eg. C-Ac, G-DMF) use concentrated ammonia for 1 hour or AMA for 30 minutes at 60 °C. When using standard amidites (eg. C-Bz, G-iBu) use concentrated ammonia for 5 hours at 60 °C.
  • The mass this product adds after conjugation and work-up (the additional mass seen by mass spectrometry) is: 345.2

Storage and handling:

  • Shipping conditions: Ambient
  • Storage conditions: -15 to -30 °C in sealed container

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