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CAS No.:20500-29-2

Has a nitrogen atom in place of the methine group at position 6 of the uracil ring.
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Product information

The nitrogen atom in place of the methine group at position 6 of the uracil ring in 6-Aza-2'-deoxyuridine (6-aza-dU)(1) results in a significant lowering of the pKa of the N3 hydrogen (6.8) vs. that of 2'-deoxyuridine (9.3).(2) Unlike dU, 6-aza-dU is deprotonated at neutral pH, thus bestowing the uracil base with a negative charge. Further, there are significant conformational changes imparted by the presence of the 6-aza substitution: 6-Aza-dU has a high-anti conformation and is present in solution with N-type sugar pucker.
See also 6-Aza-dU CE-Phopshoramidite (BA0303), the phosphoramidite version for incorporation of 6-aza-dU residues into oligonucleotides, the nucleoside 6-Azathymidine (PYA11058), and its phosphoramidite (BA0306).


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