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8-Br-dG (dmf) CE-Phosphoramidite

8-Br-dG (dmf) CE-Phosphoramidite

8-Br-dG (dmf) CE-Phosphoramidite, BULK (g), Glass Screw-Top

CAS No.:207906-54-5

Allows for incorporation of a halogenated nucleoside into oligonucleotides for crystallographic studies and crosslinking studies of protein-DNA and RNA-DNA complexes.

Key features

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  • Part of the set of the four photoactive bases required to examine base to amino acid contact pairs (along with Br-dA, Br-dC and Br-dU).
  • Also useful in promoting the formation of Z-form DNA structures and for locating subtle differences in DNA polymerases and repair enzymes.
  • dmf protection allows widest compatibility with deprotection conditions.
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Item ID BA0009-C000

Product information

For examples of Pd-catalyzed postsynthetic aryl couplings of C8-Br-G modified oligonucleotides, see Omumi, A.; Beach, D. G.; Baker, M.; Gabryelski, W.; Manderville, R.A. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2011, 133, 42-50.

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