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5-I-U CE-Phosphoramidite

5-I-U CE-Phosphoramidite

Phosphoramidite used to incorporate an iodo-modified uridine internally or at the 5' end of an oligonucleotide.

Key features

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  • Photoactive analogue useful in photo-crosslinking studies.
  • Useful in x-ray crystallography studies.
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Product information

Halogenated nucleosides are versatile reagents in oligo applications. We provide a wide range of halogenated nucleoside phosphoramidites and CPG supports.

Photocross-linking is a useful technique for the partial definition of the nucleic acid-protein interface of nucleoprotein complexes.(1) Photoactive bases may also be used to probe the crystal structure of the protein-DNA complexes.(2) Photoactive analogues of dC (5-Iodo- and 5-Bromo-dC), and dT analogues (5-Iodo- and 5-Bromo-dU) are available.

8-Br-dA(3) and 8-Br-dG phosphoramidites have been proposed to complete the set of the four photoactive bases required to examine base to amino acid contact pairs, although work in this regard has been limited. 8-Br-dG is also useful in promoting the formation of Z-form DNA structures and for locating subtle differences in DNA polymerases and repair enzymes.(4)

The three-dimensional structure of DNA can be probed by x-ray crystallography using several halogenated nucleoside phosphoramidites, including 5-Br-U and 5-I-U.(5) In addition, antibodies exist which are specific for Br-dU so that oligonucleotides containing Br-dU can be used as probes.

5-F-dU is a base analogue that has the potential to bind to A and G. It does not destabilise duplex formation, and is an alternative to using mixed bases A/G for degeneracy.


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