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8-OxoG Clamp CE-Phosphoramidite

8-OxoG Clamp CE-Phosphoramidite

CAS No.:1134373-47-9

Fluorescent phosphoramidite molecule for the selective recognition of 8-oxoG
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Product information

The Sasaki labs have identified a variation of Matteucci’s cytosine analog “G-Clamp”(1) that is specific for 8-oxoG. This fluorescent phenoxazine analog 8-oxoG Clamp CEP (BA0339) appears to be highly specific for pairing with 8-oxoG.(2) When incorporated into an oligonucleotide, the duplex stabilization was lowered only slightly, and 8-oxoG was selectively detected by fluorescence quenching the 8-oxoG Clamp.(3)


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