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2-Fluoro-I CE-Phosphoramidite (Convertible G CE-Phosphoramidite)

2-Fluoro-I CE-Phosphoramidite (Convertible G CE-Phosphoramidite)

CAS No.:220382-27-4

A convertible nucleoside phosphoramidite that allows the formation of N2-alkyl-G residues in RNA for structural studies.
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Product information

After incorporation of this unit into an oligoribonucleotide by standard phosphoramidite chemistry, treatment with ammonia, methylamine, or a higher alkylamine, including one bearing a tethered functional group, leads to displacement of fluoride ion with resultant installation of a 2-amino group, i.e., producing a guanosine or an N2-alkyl-G residue.(1)


  1. Allerson, C. R.; Chen, S. L.; Verdine, G. L. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1997, 119, 7423-7433.

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