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3'-Thiol-C6 S-S CNA CPG Low Bulk Density

3'-Thiol-C6 S-S CNA CPG Low Bulk Density

CPG for the incorporation of thiol-C6 S-S at the 3' end of an oligonucleotide.

Key features

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  • Thiol modification allows post-synthetic conjugation of oligonucleotides to reporter labels.
  • Low bulk density 0.20-0.24 g/cc.
  • Longer C6 spacer allows for bulkier labels.
  • Various pore sizes available.
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Product information

Incorporation of a thiol reactive functional group at specific sites within an oligonucleotide allows for subsequent post-synthesis conjugation of the oligo with a number of different moieties such as fluorescent markers and biotin, depending on the application. Such labels need to be reactive towards the incorporated functional group: for example, thiols will react with iodoacetate and maleimide derivatives to form thioether linkages. The 3'-thiol-modifier CPGs with C3 and C6 S-S linkers can be used to introduce a 3'-thio functionality, with subsequent cleavage of the disulphide linkage affording the free thiol. This is then available for conjugation.

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