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5'-Click-easy BCN CE-Phosphoramidite II

5'-Click-easy BCN CE-Phosphoramidite II

CAS No.:1352811-59-6

Phosphoramidite for the installation of a strained cyclooctyne (BCN) into an oligonucleotide for subsequent copper-free click elaboration.
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Product information

The click cycloaddition reaction is a remarkably efficient and reliable process for bioconjugation even in the presence of the diverse array of functional groups found in DNA and the variety of scientifically intriguing ligation partners. Our 5'-Click-easy™ BCN CE-Phosphoramidite(1) can be used to prepare oligonucleotides for subsequent clean and efficient copper-free click cycloaddition. In our hands, the bicyclo[6.1.0]nonyne (BCN)(2) is a superior scaffold for the strain-promoted alkyne-azide cycloaddition.(3) The BCN I and II versions differ only by incorporation of a spacer in the latter. Similarly we offer the I and II ester variants for post-synthetic modification of oligonucleotides.

The BCN products are offered for sale for research-use only through agreement with Synaffix B.V. For commercial licensing please contact


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