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5'-TFA-Amino Modifier 11 CE-Phosphoramidite

5'-TFA-Amino Modifier 11 CE-Phosphoramidite

Phosphoramidite for the incorporation of an amino function at the 5' end of an oligonucleotide for solution-phase conjugation.
  • Incorporates primary amine to 5' end of an oligonucleotide, for subsequent conjugation.
  • Espcecially suited to solution-phase conjugation due to "built-in" hydrophilicity of TEG spacer.
  • Base-labile trifluoacetyl (TFA) protection useful where purification of oligo is not necessary.
  • Once incorporated into an oligo this linker is equivalent to ~2 base units.
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Product information

Incorporation of a primary amine reactive functional group at specific sites within an oligonucleotide allows for subsequent post-synthesis conjugation of the oligo with a number of different affinity, reporter or protein labels, depending on the application. Such labels need to be reactive towards the incorporated functional group: for example, NHS esters or isothiocyanates will react with primary amines. This approach is often necessary where the desired label or tag is either not available as a phosphoramidite, or is sensitive or unstable to the conditions of oligonucleotide synthesis or deprotection. A common example is the attachment of a rhodamine dye using the TAMRA NHS ester. Functionally-derivatised oligos can also be covalently attached to surfaces such as glass slides or gold microspheres for use in various microarray or nanoelectronic applications.

Our hydrophilic “amino-modifier 11” products (incorporating a triethylene glycol spacer) are particularly useful for solution-phase couplings of labels to oligos. It is often found that when using hydrophobic amino-linkers, e.g. LK2123/BNS-5015, an additional hydrophilic spacer is required. This extends the distance of the label from the oligo. The amino-11 products has this hydrophilicity “built-in” and can therefore be used where a hydrophilic linker is required.

Once incorporated into an oligo this linker is equivalent to ~2 base units. It is available in both TFA and MMT protected forms, the latter allowing oligo purification based on exploiting the trityl group, or on-column conjugations.

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