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Mermade 192X Synthesizer

Mermade 192X Synthesizer

The MerMade192X can be configured to synthesize all types of chemistries up to 5 µmol scale.

Key features

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  • 12 Amidite ports
  • Fully featured API for remote monitoring and control
  • Scales range from 20nanomole to 5micromole
  • Flexible and easy to use software that runs on Windows 7 and 10
  • Run Logging
  • Mixed backbone capability (phosphorothioate and phosphodiester)
  • Dell PC & monitor included with extended warranty
  • Pre-loaded with standard protocols
  • Cleavage apparatus included


  • Low dead volume bottle mount for expensive modifiers
  • UPS back up to allow synthesis recovery in the event of power loss
  • 30 amidite ports (inquire if more are needed)
  • 384 well plate compatibility
  • Multiple reagent cap adapters as well as keg type
  • Bar code reader
  • Automatic waste removal system
  • Custom integration of software with in house LIMS
Select a Number of amidite ports

Product information

Known for its reliability, high throughput, flexibility and ease of use, the MerMade 192 has been the accepted choice for universities, national laboratories and pharmaceutical companies throughout the world. The MerMade-192X builds on its predecessors success and adds even more flexibility, configurability, and speed. With up to 30 monomer ports and 9 ancillary reagents the 192X can be configured to synthesize all types of chemistries up to 5umole scale. Please contact our Sales department for pricing.

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