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DNA and RNA Synthesis

LGC, Biosearch Technologies is the only supplier uniquely placed to provide you with not only our industry leading MerMade™ DNA and RNA synthesizers, but also over 1000 phosphoramidites and nucleotides to ensure you have what you need to make your perfect oligonucleotide.

Our range of ancillary reagents and molecular sieves means that you do not need multiple suppliers to source your oligonucleotide synthesis reagents. Accelerate mission-critical applications by collaborating with our team and using our high-quality reagents and equipment.

Ancillary Oligo Synthesis Reagents
From deblocking to oxidation, get ancillary reagents for every step of the process—available for various synthesizer types.
DNA and RNA Oligonucleotide Synthesizers
Synthesize DNA, RNA and LNA oligonucleotides using standard or modified chemistries with a MerMade oligo synthesizer.
Miscellaneous Oligo Synthesis Products
Explore our empty CPG columns and frits, oligo synthesis reagents, molecular traps, and oligo purification solutions.
Oligo Processing Accessories
Streamline oligo processing with our evaporators, cleavage and deprotection products, and plates and seals
Oligonucleotide Synthesizer Parts
Get all the parts you need to keep your synthesizer running.

We offer a wide range of ancillary reagents covering each step of the oligo synthesis process to complement our MerMade DNA/RNA synthesizers, and many of the reagents are available pre-packaged for various synthesizer types.

Biosearch Technologies is the largest specialist in manufacturing reagents for oligonucleotide synthesis and ensures you get quality reagents every time. Our ancillary reagents for oligo synthesis are fully QC-tested in oligo synthesis and are micro-filtered to eliminate particulates.