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Endonuclease VIII

Endonuclease VIII Kit contains Endonuclease VIII enzyme (10 U/µL) and 10X Reaction Buffer.

Endonuclease VIII

Endonuclease VIII is a DNA repair enzyme that functions as both an N-glycosylase and an AP lyase, leaving terminal phosphates at the 5′ and 3′ ends

Key features

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• Removes oxidatively damaged pyrimidines from DNA

• Has both β and δ lyase activity, whereas Endonuclease III only has β lyase activity

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Product information

E.coli Endonuclease VIII is a bifunctional DNA glycosylase with DNA N-glycosylase and AP lyase activities. The N-glycosylase activity releases damaged pyrimidines from double-stranded DNA generating an apurinic (AP) site. The AP lyase activity cleaves the DNA phosphodiester backbone at AP sites via β- and δ-elimination, creating a one nucleotide gap with 5′ and 3′ phosphate termini. Damaged bases recognised and removed by Endonuclease VIII include thymine glycol, uracil glycol, urea, 5,6-dihydroxythymine, 5-hydroxy-5-methylhydantoin, 5-hydroxy-6-hydrothymine, 5,6-dihydrouracil and alloxan.

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