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NxSeq HybCap Kits

Pricing depends on the number of HybCap Oligo Probes required for your custom design and the size of the kit (enrichment reactions).

All NxSeq HybCap Kits are custom-designed to your specifications. Please contact our design consultants so that we can identify the best custom kit needed to meet your experimental goals.

NxSeq HybCap Kits

Hybridisation-based NGS library target enrichment kits custom designed and built to your specifications.
  • Cost effective and scalable – Four kit sizes available with up to 200K custom probes per kit to fit any project size and experimental goal.
  • Easy, flexible design – Work directly with our Design Consultant to capture your needs and convert them into high performance HybCap Oligo Probes.
  • Personalised service – Our expert team will spend the time with you to understand your goals and challenges in order the build the best custom product for you.
  • Complete service and kits – Each custom order will include the free design service, custom HybCap Oligo Probes, nucleic acid blockers and hybridisation and washing solutions, greatly simplifying your enrichment project.
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Product information

Hybridisation-based NGS target enrichment is a powerful tool that enables enrichment of specific target regions of interest from a complex DNA fragment library (Figure. 1) and provides higher attainable sequencing depth per sample. Applications that were difficult or costly with whole genome sequencing are now easier and affordable with a hybrid capture kit.

Enrichment applications

  • Transgene mapping
  • Genotyping
  • Variant discovery
  • Copy number variation
  • Targeted RNA-seq
  • Microbiome and pathogen identification
  • Exon sequencing
  • Paleogenetics/ancient DNA
  • And more

The NxSeq™ HybCap Kits are custom designed, in-solution, hybridisation based NGS library target enrichment kits compatible with libraries built using a variety of library preparation kits including LGC, Biosearch Technologies, Illumina®, Ion Torrent®, and many others. We build your custom biotinylated RNA HybCap Oligo Probes based on your input and the goals of your enrichment-based NGS experiments.

We will work with you to develop the best custom hybrid capture kit possible by evaluating your target region(s) size, number, and sequence characteristics as well as the quality of your starting sample and the application.

Each kit contains all the necessary reagents including

  • Custom HybCap Oligo Probes
  • Solutions
  • Blocking nucleic acids for hybridisation-based enrichment


Complete the NxSeq HybCap Project Submission form and submit it to us to start you custom project today. Alternatively, just reach out to us directly to determine if a custom NxSeq HybCap Kit is right for you. Email us

Simple, target enrichment with the NxSeq HybCap Kits

Figure 1. Overview of the NxSeq HybCap Kit targeted enrichment protocol. This figure illustrates how the biotinylated HybCap RNA probes are used to enrich select target sequences from complex, DNA fragment libraries. These kits are compatible with most library preparation kits.

All-inclusive, personalised design of custom NxSeq HybCap Kits

A. NxSeq HybCap Kit design process workflow

B. Complete target enrichment workflow

Figure 2. (A) Illustrations of the custom HybCap Oligo Probes design process and (B) overview of the complete workflow from library preparation through sequencing and analysis.

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