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sbeadex SAB

sbeadex SAB

A next-generation paramagnetic bead for DNA clean-up and size selection during NGS library prep and PCR methods.
  • Accurate: Best performance in size selection from 200 to 700 bp.
  • Efficient: Effective clean-up in amplification and NGS methods.
  • Novel: Proprietary bead surface (double coated) improves performance.
  • Flexible: Available in bulk sizes with flexible protocols to meet your needs.
  • Affordable: Cost-effective catalogue product with volume discounts.
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Product information

The introduction of next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies has transformed the way scientists

think about genetic information. It allows researchers to sequence and analyse thousands to tens of

thousands of samples (from a broad range of sample types like blood, plant, animal or bacteria), in a

single year.

In principle, the next generation sequencing workflow can be divided into:

a) Sample preparation

b) Fragmentation

c) Library preparation

d) Sequencing

e) Data analysis (bioinformatics)

sbeadex sequencing applications beads (SAB) present the new generation of size selection and

clean-up beads. These beads play an important role in the purification of DNA, size selection, library

preparation, clean-up steps and PCR amplification processes in NGS workflows. sbeadex SAB provides

excellent performance in terms of distinct size selection (200 to 700 bp), DNA quantity, DNA quality, time

per run and clean-up steps. This kit is intended For Research Use Only. It is not intended for diagnostic


sbeadex SAB are superparamagnetic, double coated and a technical and scientific alternative to common

size selection systems. Using different PEG concentrations, the particles allow the capture of nucleic acids

of defined sizes on the surface. sbeadex SAB can be used in 96-well formats on instruments like the KingFisher™ magnetic particle processor and allows individual, project-specific protocol optimisations.

*The number of preparations is based on standard protocol of LGC, Biosearch Technologies™ that assumes 50 ?L starting volume of DNA, and a dual sided size selection protocol (700 bp and 200 bp) being performed.


  • High-quality size selection and clean-up protocols
  • Automation friendly and follows same protocol as established competitors
  • Convenient because all buffers are ready to use
  • Applicable for Illumina platforms
Type sbeadex size selection

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