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Bioruptor Plus TPX tubes

Bioruptor Plus TPX tubes

Thoroughly validated tubes of different sizes to maximise shearing efficiency and consistency with the Bioruptor Plus instrument.
  • Validated: Ensures optimal shearing performance and consistency.
  • Flexible: Available in different sizes to match various sample volumes.
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Product information

These tubes are thoroughly validated for use with the Bioruptor™ Plus instrument and will produce optimal chromatin shearing or tissue/cell disruption results when used in conjunction with this instrument. See below for additional details on each tube type and recommended sample volumes.

  • Bioruptor Plus tubes, 0.5 mL (DIAG-C30010013): Recommended sample volumes range from 50 µL to 100 µL.
  • Bioruptor Plus tubes, 1.5 mL (DIAG-C30010010): Recommended sample volumes range from 100 µL to 300 µL.
  • Bioruptor Plus tubes, 15 mL (DIAG-C30010009): Recommended sample volumes range from 500 µL to 2 mL.
Type Bioruptor Pico
Class Consumables

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