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BHQ® Probe 2X Master Mix, Low ROX

BHQ® Probe 2X Master Mix, Low ROX

2X BHQ Probe Master Mix, Low ROX, 25mL

BHQ® Probe Master Mix is a versatile hot-start 2X PCR master mix specially designed to deliver optimal SNP genotyping results for endpoint, probe-based applications.
  • Special formula: Works for low-volume endpoint fluorescent detection.
  • Accurate: Discrete clusters and high call rates.
  • Optimised: Pairs with BHQ Probes across a range of samples.
  • Flexible: Works for challenging animal and plant sample types
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Item ID KBS-1040-015
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ROX Level Low
Instrument Compatibility ABI 7500
ABI 7500 Fast
ABI QuantStudio 6K
ABI QuantStudio 7K
ABI QuantStudio 12K
Agilent (Stratagene) MX3000
Agilent (Stratagene) MX3500P
Agilent (Stratagene) MX4000P
Roche Lightcycler 480
Roche Lightcycler 480 II (v2)
Type BHQ Master mix
Format 96 plate
384 plate
1536 plate

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