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EconoTaq PLUS Master Mix

Use EconoTaq PLUS GREEN 2X Master Mix when the PCR products will be analysed by agarose gel electrophoresis and ethidium bromide staining. Use EconoTaq PLUS 2X Master Mix when the PCR products will be analysed by absorbance or fluorescence excitation, to avoid possible interference by the dyes. EconoTaq PLUS GREEN & EconoTaq PLUS prices are based on a 50 µL PCR reaction.

EconoTaq PLUS Master Mix

EconoTaq PLUS GREEN 2X Master Mix, 500 x 50 µL reactions, with tracking dye

EconoTaq PLUS 2X Master Mixes offer performance, convenience, reliability, and value for routine PCR.

Key features

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  • Outstanding performance and value, perfect for routine PCR.
  • Can be cycled up to 99 °C to amplify the most challenging GC-rich templates others cannot.
  • Ready-to-use PCR reaction master mixes, contain dNTPs and PCR Enhancer.
  • Non-proofreading polymerase
  • EconoTaq PLUS GREEN contains tracking dyes for gel electrophoresis
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Product information

More effective than other Taq master mixes. EconoTaq PLUS and PLUS GREEN 2X Master Mixes contain a proprietary PCR enhancer, so they can successfully amplify templates that fail to amplify with other PCR master mixes (Figure 1). High density reaction buffer enables direct gel loading following PCR.

Excellent results in routine PCR. EconoTaq PLUS GREEN & EconoTaq PLUS contain high purity, high activity EconoTaq DNA Polymerase for reliable amplification of templates up to 5 kb (Figure 1).

Amplify challenging GC-rich templates. These 2X Master Mixes can be cycled up to 98 °C to amplify challenging GC-rich templates others cannot (Figure 2).

Convenient tracking dyes in EconoTaq PLUS GREEN. On a 1% agarose gel, the blue dye migrates at the same rate as a 5 kb DNA fragment, and the yellow dye migrates at 75 bp. See Figure 3. If desired, the dyes are easily removed by standard DNA purification products or ethanol precipitation. For fluorescence or absorbance detection assays, EconoTaq PLUS 2X Master Mix offers the same great performance without the dyes.

Flexible & easy to use. EconoTaq PLUS GREEN and EconoTaq PLUS are packaged in 50 reaction vials that can be stored in the refrigerator (+4 °C) for up to 3 months. They are stable for at least 10 freeze-thaw cycles.

EconoTaq PLUS vs GoTaq

Figure 1. EconoTaq PLUS GREEN Master Mix vs. GoTaq® Green master mix (Competitor A) in PCR. PCR was performed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations using primers specific for the indicated genes. Panel A, 0.7 kb prokaryotic single-stranded DNA binding protein (genomic DNA); Panel B, 2.7 kb prokaryotic DNA polymerase A (genomic DNA); Panel C, 4.5 kb gene (plasmid DNA). Easy visualisation of EconoTaq PLUS GREEN

Figure 2. GC-rich regions from human genomic DNA were PCR amplified using 98 °C denaturation.

EconoTaq PLUS GREEN Tracking Dye

Figure 3. Easy visualization with EconoTaq PLUS GREEN. During electrophoresis, the green loading colour separates into a slow-moving blue dye and a fast-moving yellow dye.

PCR Activity: EconoTaq PLUS GREEN & EconoTaq PLUS 2X Master Mixes are tested in DNA amplification using a variety of templates and primers.

Activity Determination: One unit of EconoTaq DNA Polymerase catalyses the incorporation of 10 nmoles of dNTP into acid-insoluble material in 30 minutes at 70°C in 50 mM Tris-HCl (pH 9.0), 50 mM NaCl, 5 mM MgCl2, 200 µM dGTP, dATP, dTTP, dCTP (a mix of un-labelled and [33P]dCTP), 10 µg Activated Calf Thymus DNA, and 0.1 mg/ml BSA.

Absence of Endonuclease or Nicking Activity: Incubation of 10 U of EconoTaq DNA Polymerase with 1 µg of supercoiled pBR322 DNA for 16 hours at 70 °C results in no detectable conversion to relaxed or linear forms detectable by agarose gel electrophoresis.

Absence of Exonuclease Activity: Incubation of 10 U of EconoTaq DNA Polymerase with 1 µg of HindIII-cut lambda DNA for 16 hours at 70°C resulted in no smearing of bands on agarose gels.

Purity: EconoTaq DNA Polymerase is >99% pure as determined by SDS PAGE. There is no detectable DNA contamination. The nucleotides in the Master Mix are certified free of nucleases and phosphatases.

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