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sbeadex Pathogen Nucleic Acid Purification Kit, No Protease K

sbeadex Pathogen Nucleic Acid Purification Kit, No Protease K

Highly efficient, magnetic bead based purification of nucleic acids (DNA/RNA) from various pathogens. The kit does not include Proteinase K.

  •  High quality nucleic acid preparations
  • Validated for qPCR and RT-qPCR
  • Automatable on all open liquid handlers and purification platforms
  • Highest flexibility in reaction volumes
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Product information

The sbeadex™ Pathogen Nucleic Acid Purification Kits are magnetic-bead-based kits suited for the fast isolation of highly purified DNA and RNA from various pathogens which can be used in many downstream applications. They have been validated for research use only using AccuPlex™ reference material (Seracare), replicating a real-life clinical sample as far as practically possible, and are compatible e.g. with Biosearch Technologies’ COVID-19 detection kit. The sbeadex™ Pathogen Nucleic Acid Purification Kit portfolio offers products for all scales of nucleic acid preparation from buccal swab and sputum samples, eluting into 100 µL buffer. They are suited for high-throughput purifications and are compatible with many automation platforms.

RNA preparation protocol

sbeadex beads allow efficient and high quality purification of small and large DNA fragments. The beads are double coated, resulting in a unique dual binding protocol that allows elution into water, reducing solvent carryover:

  sbeadex viral RNA purification kit Competitor A
  N Average Cq StDev Average Cq StDev
Clean up sample 12 30.35 0.14 33.80 0.15
Direct spike-in sample 3 31.00 0.44 33.80 0.12

Figure 1:  Demonstration of no loss of RNA during the sbeadex viral RNA purification kit protocol.  500 copies of a 2019-COVID artificial RNA reference material were added to a sample (nasopharyngeal swab) and the sample processed with the sbeadex viral RNA purification kit. SARS-CoV-2 was detected in this preparation and a directly spiked positive control sample via a RT-qPCR at two separate Biosearch Technologies sites (reaction components described below). The concordant Cq values from both samples demonstrate no loss of sample due to the extraction step.

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