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rG (iBu) CNA CPG Column

rG (iBu) CNA CPG Column

rG (iBu) CNA CPG Column, 1000 Å, 200 nmol, Hybrid

CPG column for incorporation of unmodified ribo-G at 3' end of an oligonucleotide.
  • CPG has long-chain alkylamino succinyl linker
  • Available in different synthesis scales
  • Prime CPG suitable for customers with large-scale or therapeutic development requirements
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Item ID BG7-1302-2
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Product information

Various RNA CPG column formats are available, and compatible with a range of instruments.

Column Type Description Compatible synthesizers
Hybrid columns
  • Pipette format
  • Medium porosity Porex frits
  • Leaves headspace above the CPG
  • MerMade
  • ABI 3900
  • Other pipette-based synthesizers
Supercolumns or MerMade columns
  • Upper pipette fitting and a lower luer fitting
  • Frit stomped to remove headspace over CPG
  • MerMade
  • ABI 3900
  • Dr Oligo
  • Other pipette-based synthesizers
Standard or ALL-FIT columns
  • Luer-to-luer fitting
  • ABI 394
  • Expedite 8900/8909
  • Other luer-to-luer fitting synthesizers such as K&A
TWIST™ columns
  • Luer-to-luer fitting
  • Have a screw cap that can be opened to manipulate the synthesis support and then resealed
  • Generally used for larger scale synthesis
  • Luer-to-luer fitting synthesizers

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