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Long chain alkylamine (LCAA) controlled pore glass (CPG) is used to immobilize nucleosides for synthesizing oligonucleotides.

LGC, Biosearch Technologies’ has perfected CPG manufacturing—both native and modified—for maximum oligo purity and yield. Our advanced CPG production techniques improve control of particle size and shape, pore size, pore volume and specific surface area, increasing the efficiency, purity and reproducibility of syntheses.

Biosearch Technologies offers several types of CPG, including CPG with an attached aminopropyl or long-chain alkylamine linker, ready for functionalisation, in a variety of pore sizes.

Common oligo synthesizer pack sizes are available, and for many products, you can get bulk packaging.

Several pore sizes are offered from 500 Å to 3000 Å to enable the synthesis of oligonucleotides for all applications. Which pore size required is dependent on the length, complexity and application of the oligo. Some guidelines are below for the most widely used pore sizes. 

CPG Description
500 Å CPG
  • ≤30mers medium to large scale oligo synthesis 
  • High yields of product are required such as therapeutic oligos 
  • Standard (35-50 μmol/g) and High (60-100 μmol/g) loading varieties
  • High loaded support is required. 500 Å can load up to ~100 μmol/g 
1000 Å CPG
  • >20mers or highly modified oligonucleotides
  • The loading is typically 25-40 µmol/g and most of our modifiers are functionalised onto this pore size as standard
3000 Å CPG
  • >80mers 
  • The loading is typically 10-25 µmol/g. 
  • With a few exceptions, it is possible to have any of our 1000 Å products with a 3000 Å pore size

In general, large scale oligo synthesis for therapeutic applications requires high loaded 500-600 Å and small to medium scale synthesis for diagnostic or research use require higher pores sizes.

As your single source for oligo synthesis reagents and instruments, we offer a variety of CPGs for incorporating wide-ranging modifications into your oligos. This includes DNA CPG and RNA CPG.