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5'-DMT-dA (Bz)-3'-Q Linker CPG

5'-DMT-dA (Bz)-3'-Q Linker CPG

5'-DMT-dA (Bz)-3'-Q Linker CPG, 1000 Å, Standard Loading, 1 g

CPG for incorporation of unmodified dA at 3' end of an oligonucleotide.

Key features

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  • CPG has Q-linker for quick cleavage (2 minutes at room temperature)
  • Ideal for base sensitive or dye labelled oligos
  • Available in smaller pack sizes suitable for research use
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Item ID BG1-1000Q-1
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Product information

A number of linker variants are used in our DNA CPG products, although a long-chain alkyl amino succinyl linker is the most common. The legacy Biosearch DNA CPGs typically use the AMP-succinyl combination, but sometimes can have a glycolate linker which cleaves under mild deprotection conditions. Similarly, the Q-linker (hydroquinone-0,0'-diacetic acid group) CPGs are advantageous for quick cleavage (2 minutes at room temperature) making them ideal for base sensitive oligonucleotides or dye labelled oligos. Pore sizes commonly available are 500 Å, 1000 Å, 1400 Å and 2000 Å, with application use similar to the Prime and SynBase™ products. These CPGs utilise a different raw glass to the Prime Synthesis products, but are generally offered in smaller pack sizes for research purposes.


  • Appearance: White Powder
  • Extinction Coefficient at 260 nm: 15200

Spectral properties measured in water, for the cleaved and deprotected nucleoside.

Product usage:

  • Cleavage conditions: Cleavage can be carried out in 2 minutes at room temperature using concentrated NH4OH.
  • Deprotection conditions: If fast deprotecting amidites are used, deprotection can be carried out using concentrated NH4OH for 1 hour @ 60 °C.
  • Image of cleaved and deprotected structure:
  • The mass this product adds after conjugation and work-up (the additional mass seen by mass spectrometry) is: 313.2

Storage and handling:

  • Shipping conditions: Ambient
  • Storage conditions: +2 to +8 °C

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