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DNA Oligonucleotides

Synthesise DNA oligonucleotides for diagnostic, therapeutic, or research purposes with high quality phosphoramidites and CPG solid supports.

LGC, Biosearch Technologies offers a wide range of unmodified DNA phosphoramidites and CPG solid supports in popular pack sizes and packaging formats.

Standard DNA bases with conventional protecting groups Protected with traditional groups
  • benzoyl-dA
  • benzoyl-dC 
  • iso-butyryl-dG 
  • dT 
  • acetyl-dC 
  • dimethylformamidine-dG
  • 4,4’-dimethoxytrityl (DMTr or DMT) protecting group on the 5’-OH
  • ß-cyanoethyl -protected 3’-phosphite 

Several types of DNA CPG column formats are available and are compatible with a range of instruments.

Column Type Description
  • Pipette tips that fit both MerMade™ and other pipette-based synthesizers, such as the ABI 3900
  • Medium porosity Porex frits
  • Typically, our Prime Synthesis CPG is packed in Hybrid columns
Supercolumns™ or MerMade™ columns
  • Upper pipette fitting and a lower luer fitting
  • Suitable for MerMade and other pipette-based synthesizers such as ABI 3900 and Dr Oligo
  • Frit stomped to remove headspace over the CPG
Standard or ALL-FIT
  • Use on DNA synthesizers that use luer-to-luer fittings
  • Examples are the ABI 394 and Expedite 8900/8909

A number of linker variants are used in our DNA CPG products, although a long-chain alkyl amino succinyl linker is the most common.

Our range of solid supports is designed to offer optimum performance depending on the application and the required nucleoside loading and length of sequence.

CPG Description
500 Å CPG
  • ≤30mers medium to large scale oligo synthesis
  • High yields of product are required such as therapeutic oligos
  • Standard (35-50 μmol/g) and High (60-100 μmol/g) loading varieties
  • High loaded support is required. 500 Å can load up to ~100 μmol/g
1000 Å CPG
  • >20mers or highly modified oligonucleotides
  • The loading is typically 25-40 µmol/g and most of our modifiers are functionalised onto this pore size as standard
3000 Å CPG
  • >80mers 
  • The loading is typically 10-25 µmol/g. 
  • With a few exceptions, it is possible to have any of our 1000 Å products with a 3000 Å pore size

Performance in certain applications can be further enhanced with intermediate pore sizes such as 600 Å, 1400 Å and 2000 Å. The latter is increasingly becoming useful in CRISPR applications.