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Tricyclic Nucleoside Monophosphate, (TCN-P)

Tricyclic Nucleoside Monophosphate, (TCN-P)

CAS No.:61966-08-3

Inhibits Akt phosphorylation.
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Product information

May be useful in treating cancers with tumors that overexpress Akt, shows antiviral, antineoplastic activity, inhibits enzymes in de novo purine nucleotide synthesis.(1)


  1. (a) Porcari, A. R.; Ptak, R. G.; Borysko, K. Z.; Breitenbach, J. M.; Drach, J. C.; Townsend, L. B. Nucleosides, Nucleotides & Nucl. Acids 2003, 22(12), 2171-2193. (b) Moore, E. C.; Hurlbert, R. B.; Boss, G. R.; Massia, S. P. Biochem. Pharmcol. 1989, 38(22), 4045-4051.

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