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8-Styryl-dG CE-Phosphoramidite
CAS No.:1101864-12-3

Photochromic nucleoside (PCN) phosphoramidite that provides reversible duplex regulation via a light induced trans-cis isomerization.

7-Deaza-dG CE-Phosphoramidite
CAS No.:121767-97-3

Useful for incorporating 7-Deaza-modified guanosine into oligonucleotides to disrupt unwanted hydrogen bonding.

N2-Me-dG CE-Phosphoramidite
CAS No.:808132-80-1

Smallest member of the "steric phosphoramidite tool box" for probing the steric requirements at N2 of dG in various applications.

N7 dG CE-Phosphoramidite
CAS No.:180634-30-4

Phosphoramidite for the incorporation of a residue into oligonucleotides that mimics protonated cytosine for studies on triple helix formation.