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Modified Oligo Synthesis Reagents

With our extensive library of reagents, you can synthesise oligos with your modification of choice—from conjugation chemistry to cell delivery to probe detection, we’ve got you covered.

LGC, Biosearch Technologies offers 1000+ phosphoramidites, nucleosides, solid supports and expert knowledge to ensure you can find exactly what you need to synthesise the ideal oligonucleotide and achieve your project goals faster.

Our wide range of reagents with unrivaled quality provides a single source for your oligonucleotide synthesis reagents—simplifying your supply chain so you can focus on your science and accelerate your path forward.

Backbone modifications
Increase oligo duplex stability with high-quality amidites and reagents for backbone modifications.
Branching modifications
Create oligonucleotide dendrimers that can be used to amplify signals in hybridisation tests or to build various nanostructures.
Cell delivery and uptake
Incorporate our lipophilic, vitamin, and GalNAc moieties into your oligos to enhance cell delivery and uptake.
Chemical phosphorylation
Synthesise oligonucleotides containing a 5’ or 3’-phosphate group with our phosphoramidites, CPGs and synthesis columns.
Colourimetric detection and capture
Generate reliable hapten labelled probes with our biotinylation and DNP reagents.
Incorporate reactive functional groups within your oligo to allow for subsequent post-synthesis conjugation with your label of choice. 
Electrochemical detection
Prepare electrochemical oligo probes for nucleic acid analysis using ferrocene or methylene blue as the signaling redox moiety.
Fluorophores and quenchers
From gold-standard quenching reagents to our patented dyes, find the phosphoramidite, solid support and reagents you need to generate the ideal fluorescent signal.
Modifications for nuclease resistance
Protect your DNA and RNA oligos from nucleases by incorporating 2’-O-Methyl and 2’-Fluoro modifications, or enable “reverse” oligo synthesis.
Photocleavable modifications
Incorporate a photocleavable terminal modification or mid-sequence linker/spacer with our modified phosphoramidites incorporating photo-cleavable linkers.
Spacer modifications
Get the functionality and design you need by incorporating single- or multi-carbon, -sugar, or -atom spacers into your oligo. 
Structural studies
Create oligos to induce mutagenic effects, study epigenetic pathways, improve duplex stabilities and more with our extensive list of structural modifiers.