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F-CPR-II CE-Phosphoramidite

F-CPR-II CE-Phosphoramidite

F-CPR II CE-Phosphoramidite, 250 μmol, ABI (10 mL / 20 mm Septum)

CAS No.: 1027512-47-5

For the chemical phosphorylation of oligonucleotides with concomitant fluorous affinity purification.
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Item ID FL1360-F250
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Product information

Fluorous Chemical Phosphorylation Reagent II (F-CPR-II CEP) allows a combination of fluorous affinity purification with concomitant 5'-phosphorylation, which is especially attractive when synthesizing longmers that will be used in ligase reactions. Further, if a 5'-phosphate is tolerated in a particular application, F-CPR-II may be used as a common handle for fluorous purification, obviating the need to choose a different fluorous phosphoramidite for each different 5'-terminal nucleotide. F-CPR-II CEP is used in the same way as CPR-II (LK2110)(1), i.e., a 6 minute coupling with no capping. Use with Fluoro-Pak™ Columns (FP7210 or FP7220) and Loading Buffer (LB7100). The final retro-aldol cleavage to afford the free 5'-phosphorylated oligonucleotide is achieved in the same fashion as found for CPR-II.


  1. Guzaev, A., et al., Tetrahedron 1995, 51, 9375-9384; US Patent 5,959,090)
Brand Berry
Type Phosphoramidites
Sequence 5'
Oligo Synthesis Products Oligo purification
Oligo Processing Accessories Purification

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